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Chicken Alfredo

Alfredo sauce with mozzarella, topped with marinated chicken breast

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Our own grilles chicken and bacon, sitting on a bed of creamy ranch dressing and mozzarella

Texas Bar-B-Que®

Olive oil glaze smothered with barbecued chicken breast, red onions, fresh cilantro and mozzarella

Buffalo Chicken

Spicy delight! From the city that never sleeps, our own famous grilled chicken marinated in our wing sauce, on a glaze of ranch dressing, topped with fresh mozzarella

Spicy Thai

Taste of Thailand! A spicy Thai glaze topped with grilled chicken, marinated in our own spicy Thai sauce, served over a bed of mozzarella with red onions, green peppers, fresh basil and lightly topped with shaved carrots

Chicken Caesar

Creamy Caesar dressing with a hint of garlic, topped with marinated chicken breast and mozzarella; baked, then coated with shredded lettuce and fresh tomatoes

Taste of Chicago®

From the Windy City! Ricotta, chicken, spinach, bacon and tomatoes topped with mozzarella and pizza sauce

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Big Dill - NEW!

Ranch base, cheese, covered with dill pickles.

Ciao Bella®

Fresh basil, tomatoes and garlic, with mozzarella and your choice of tomato sauce or olive oil glaze